About Yerevan Mall
Yerevan Mall

The place where shopping turns into feast

Yerevan Mall is a leading shopping and entertainment center in Armenia



Yerevan Mall is the place that turns your shopping experience into a feast!  Thousands of people visit Yerevan mall every day to refresh their house, wardrobe, create memories and simply chill! 


The 200 stores and attractions, including the biggest ZARA in the region and the only Mango Man in Armenia, will make your day turning it into a moment of lifestyle refreshment, and will bring vibrant colors to your daily routine.

Experience unique and diverse dining at cafes and food courts, and enjoy your leisure by watching the newest films with a mesmerizing sound and video quality of KinoPark 4K Movie Theater, or have some active fun at Captain Kid’s Treasure Island, the largest indoor entertainment center in Armenia!

Opened in 2014,

Yerevan Mall is the largest mall in Armenia in terms of the number of stores and total floor area. It covers an area of 59,000 square meters (640,000 sq. ft.). The whole building is smartly designed to meet the Yerevan Mall community’s needs and desires, building the bridges of mutual care and benefits between people and the Mall.